The combination of caffeine and cacao

How many of you just love the combination of coffee and chocolate?

This might be so totally random coming from me but if you were in a laboratory for almost 12 hours each day either working with weird bacteria or having deep conversations with yourself about what is the purpose of life and whether it was to rot away in a  lab or also from time to time have this twitch above your eyelid, leading to premonitions of your death involving scenario’s like a giant bacterium jumping out of a petri dish, clamping down on your neck while you scream in agonized pain, then I’m pretty sure you’re entitled to babble away about all sorts of nonsense. Coming back to the topic in hand (which is certainly not nonsense), lets talk about my two favorite stimulator’s…coffee and chocolate.

Well, first of all, of late I have been completely addicted to coffee.

Its like Mother Natures best gift to mankind (no offense to people who think that sounds shallow, but being sleep deprived and having no social life sans the lab for the past few months is a good enough excuse I think).

Plus, I’m sure a lot of people out there know how I feel. In the mornings, I get through breakfast quickly with the anticipation of a child waiting to open presents during Christmas because I know that I’ll have my drink of heaven in the end. The moment my senses encounter that whiff of percolating coffee and that sharp acrid taste as it touches my tongue, then my entire body relaxes. Its like “who cares that the world is apparently going to end in December, 2012? Or that I didn’t turn in my presentation yet? Or that I didn’t turn off the hot water bath in the lab after working late last night which could have actually burnt up the entire building, the carnage awaiting to meet me an hour later with the prospect of me getting sent to jail?”

(I’m just thinking this mind you, not that I’m actually that stupid enough to do that, let alone talk so lightly about it Just clarifying)

This is the only thing that matters, this caffeine rush going through my body, making me feel drugged and happy. Then sadly I have to get up, leave my cup behind and go out into the big, bad world. 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm….4PM. Coffee break!

Basically, when I’m having a cup of coffee, I like to combine it with something chocolatey. Like for example, the famous Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Do you KNOW how divine it tastes if you take a sip of coffee first and a bite of that hazelnut, crumbly confection afterwards? You have to keep doing it in succession though.The sweet and sharp tastes blend together and give you this dazed feeling of drinking a whole batch of eggnog in one shot. It melts and fills your mouth with a sweetness and a bittery taste at the same time. Oh and the coffee has to be strong, with a little milk too.

It won’t taste the same if you eat it with black coffee. If you do then sadly it’ll just seem like you wasted your time reading a blog post written by a girl who is clueless about the concept of “divine”. It might seem like I’m over exaggerating  but trust me, this taste is amazing (well, I think it is). So I hope at least some of you  try it and maybe experience just a tiny bit of the bliss I feel when I randomly combine food and drink and obsessively rant on about how wonderful it is on this blog. Happy coffee-chocolate lovin’!



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